Here are some of the tools developed and used during the game projects.

Texture Exporter
During the first game project (Space Shooter) our artists wanted to quickly export different groups in Photoshop as separate textures. I made a script in Javascript that exported each group as dds.





Textures and model by Oscar Johansson

Model Exporter
For our model exporter we wanted something that could move models and textures easily to correct folders without the artist needing to do it manually. This script exports the fbx file to the correct model folder and converts the textures to dds (if not dds) and moves textures to correct texture folder. It was also used early on by our Level Designers to block out the First Person Shooter levels that the artist could later re-export the models and it would update ingame, as it also imported the models by double clicking on the name.


Texture Packer
This tool lets you drag an image into one of the text fields to quickly fill in all the right image paths and then pack the 5 or 6 texture into 3 textures. It uses quixel name standards to fill the text fields.


Made with Victor Malm